Client Feedback

Feedback from clients using Beeswax Scotland products is crucially important. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to review or feedback on our facebook page, or email direct.

Prior to release we test all our products personally & through a network of independent individuals to ensure only tried, tested & beneficially proven items are included in our range.

To provide a reference bank, below are ailments which were improved by the products our clients used. If you have any questions, please get in touch!

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image showing hand made cleansing bars

anonymous male

I've had this problem since August last year and within the space of 6 weeks I lost my mum, the doc said it was through stress this has happened and after trying lots of different lotions and creams, YOURS is the only one that has had such a dramatic effect and signs of healing. I'm 52 and after using your bar for only 6 days, applying twice a day and 3 days of 3 applications a day, it is very easy to see the fantastic progress I’m making both medically and in bringing back my confidence. Even friends and family have ALL noticed the huge difference in both my skin and confidence. I'm back to wearing short sleeved t-shirts now instead of the long sleeve type and the comments I have been getting are great too ... my skin doesn’t look as angry now and I don’t leave a trail of dead skin everywhere.

I have found the lotion bar so easy to use and after using my first ever bar for nearly 2 weeks now, using between 2 and 3 applications a day, over large areas of my skin. I have just about finished my first bar and the great thing is you can use ALL of the bar right down to the very last piece. I'm so happy I found your products and after 12 months of disappointments, it has only taken 10 days to change my life and for that I am truly thankful. I'm even going away this weekend, to my boat as it needs work done. For the first time in over a year and I have got all my t-shirts packed. I had just left the house and I bumped into a friend who used to work for Boots the chemist and now has recently qualified as a nurse. Even she has said what a HUGE difference she can see in my skin. As you can imagine the amount of different creams/lotions and concoctions we tried with either little or no effect at all. So, after telling her all about you she is just amazed. Thank you so, so much… keep up your fantastic work.

Gillian Watson

Buying another product was not a new thing to me. I have a 12 year old daughter who has had "age related" skin since she was 6. Our doctor gave her the usual steroid creams for a maximum of 5 days use, 5 days pass and her skin was still the same. So, as she got older I tried the usual face washes and the lotions in supermarket. Then onto more the expensive things, the masks from lush, the clean and clear products and even the ones advertised on telly with the actors that used them and their skin cleared. The most recent was the electro light treatment mask from boots £45 plus £10 for the extra light pack and her skin was still the same. So, buying this bar, I was sceptical.

The lotion bar came and we used it 4 times a day. 2 days later, her "bad" skin started to dry out. The redness was going down and spot size was shrinking. I was thinking hmm ok, maybe her skin is clearing on its own. So, we continued using the bar for a week then went away for few days. Unfortunately we lost the bar, and by day 3 of not using it, her skin was back to being red, sore and inflamed. This is by far, the best and cheapest thing she's used. She still has flare ups when she stressed, but they are nothing like how bad they used to be. Oh, and her eczema its completely gone. Yes 4 times a day sounds a lot, but it’s not when you see your daughter’s acne almost completely gone, no scars and no steroid cream. All I can say is the biggest thank you ever to Paula who has answered every question, every blip in the road. All my thanks, Gillian (Mother of a very happy 12 year old). Xx

Carla Jennet

Hello, my friend got me a (lotion) bar to try on my skin! I've tried the whole chemist trying to fix them. I've only used it twice today and thought I'd let you see the difference. This is nowhere near as bad as my hands get but I can't explain how happy I am with early results. It doesn't hurt in the broken skin and it has made my hands feel amazing. I couldn't even bend my wrists earlier without pain. This product seems to be my saviour!! I can't thank you enough for something that actually works.

anonymous female

To begin with my son, aged 3 and a half, wasn't keen to let me use it (lotion bar). But your advice of rubbing it onto my hands then rubbing it in without him seeing the bar worked until eventually he didn't bother about seeing me doing that. Then one day he just said "I do it" and he would rub the bar into the itchy areas like using a sponge. In fact, on one occasion, he called it his "sponge cream". He said to me "what happened to the alphabet?" meaning the words that had been imprinted into the bar. He hadn't grasped that it had faded as a result of using the bar. Unfortunately, I didn't get a before photo of the back of his neck so haven't done an after. I sit with him as he does it and do the areas he can't quite reach. His wee leg was about 4/5 weeks mainly due to moving house and his back was less than a week maybe 3 or 4 days! I’m definitely very happy with it.

anonymous female

The lotion bar was purchased to use on my OH (36yo male) itchy cracked and sore feet. The bar is moisturizing without feeling oily and the longer you rub it in the deeper it penetrates and better it feels. His skin on his feet was noticeably softer and the sore bits were less painful after just 1 day. By day 3 a lot of the sore bits were visibly better and the results already are amazing...The itching has stopped also. I would highly recommend this product and will continue to use it! (and the added hands are silky soft after rubbing his feet!)